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Steampunk Reloaded

Now the site is back on its legs, I give you this.

The Shadow Drive-by: Jeffrey Ford

Portrait by Gerard Wickham

In the dictionary under the word ‘prolific’ there is a picture of Jeffrey Ford. Under the word ‘ubiquitous’ it just says ‘see prolific’ … not coz they mean the same thing … but they both mean Jeffrey Ford. His awards include those of a
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The Year in Review – as of 25 March 2010

… so, I was sitting around last night after I’d finally finished tidying up the Afterword for The Girl with No Hands & Other Tales, doing what I usually do which is thinking I’m not doing enough as a writer.

Then the reasonable part of me appeared (she makes occasional cameos) and took stock. She said “Errr, have a think about what you’ve got for
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Good Lord, Where Have I Been?

Struggling, I think.

The deadline to get Brain’s and my pieces in for Steampunk Reloaded was so tight … how tight? It was like trying to shoehorn an elephant into a narrow-fitting stiletto.

Sooo, when we finished and sent it off, the sense of enormous satisfaction lasted about a day … then the sense of “shouldn’t I be writing something really fast
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Steampunk Reloaded

The word ‘compendium’ was developed by the Universe in the hope that people like Ann and Jeff VanderMeer would come along.

LL Hannett and I have scored a berth on the good ship Steampunk Reloaded, with a couple of literary artefacts :-), the main one being “The Curious Case of Physically-Manifested ‘Bed-Sheet Mania’”. Not as gross or wrong as it sounds! Really!
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