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A Killer Among Demons

Squeee! This is the cover for the new Dark Prints Press anthology, A Killer Among Demons.

My story “Cuckoo” is in this one, and there’s also work by the likes of Alan Baxter and Stephen M. Irwin – among
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Smile and say “Cheese”: the 2012 Snapshot is here

Time for the Aussie specfic snapshot once again, when brave individuals (Alisa KrasnosteinKathryn Linge, David McDonald, Helen MerrickIan MondJason NahrungAlex PierceTansy Rayner RobertsTehani Wessely and Sean Wright) throw questions at other individuals, who attempt
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The Broken Drive-by: Stephen M. Irwin

Stephen M. Irwin is a Brisbane-based writer of speculative fiction and an award-winning director and screenwriter – Car Pool won Best Comedy at the 2007 St Kilda Film Festival and in 2008 Ascension won Best Short, Sci-Fi London. His first
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The Dead Path – Again

So, I’ve been released from some of my more onerous editing duties (briefly) and I’ve been able to pick up Stephen M Irwin’s The Dead Path again.

I’m halfway through after a day of varied ‘stuff’ (including Write-Club), but I’ve been reading steadily.

And it’s freaking awesome!! Not only is the gentleman in question the nicest man in Australian horror, he’s also a
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The Dead Path

Cool title, yes?

A copy of the above arrived last week via a very large carrier pigeon. It has a striking cover and is the debut novel by Brisneyland resident and filmmaker, Stephen M Irwin http://stephenmirwin.com/.

Why do I mention this? Because I cracked the cover this morning and found myself reading, reading, reading instead of just ‘taking a peak’ as I’d planned.
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