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The Ill at Ease Drive-by: Mark West

Mark West is a nice man (which seems to run in the British horror scene – interestingly enough). His titles include In The Rain With The Dead (from Pendragon Press), Strange Tales (Rainfall Books), Conjure (again with Rainfall Books) and
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The Knowledgeable Drive-by: Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker is one half of the fabulous Tartarus Press, which produces very beautiful books. She’s also an author in her own right and the author of the very lovely and subtly disturbing The Old Knowledge
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Announcement the Second


The lovely Tartarus Press will be publishing my short story collection, Sourdough & Other Stories, this year. It will have (if I manage not to offend them) an Intro by Robert Shearman and an Afterword by Jeff VanderMeer.

The ToC looks thusly:

1. The Shadow Tree

2. Gallowberries

3. Little Radish

4. Dibblespin

5. The Navigator

6. The Angel Wood

7. Ash

8. The Story
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On the Fine Art of Submission

I’ve had quite a few people with queries about the how of submitting stories to magazines and journals in the last couple of weeks. So I thought I’d pull out the ole soapbox again and take up some real estate at Speaker’s Corner. I know I’ve banged on about submission guidelines before, so some of this will be well-trodden ground.
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Sourdough and Other Stories

womanAnd so, this is what I’m working on in those times when the novel seems to suck all the words from my brainpan: Sourdough and Other Stories. The original Sourdough story appeared in Tartarus Press’ Strange Tales II in 2007. Sister, Sister will
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