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Podcasty Goodness

Artification, as always, by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings

A few of my stories have been made into podcasts by the likes of the fabtacular PseudoPod and Tales to Terrify, so I thought I’d bring all the links together in one convenient post.

This is
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The Sourdough Posts: The Bones Remember Everything

Rackham's Maid Maleen

Rackham’s Maid Maleen

This was a really challenging story to write because I’d had the scene of spinning hair and making a tapestry from a body in my head for a couple of years before I wrote the full tale. I’d
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Tales to Terrify!

Rackham’s Maid Maleen

My story “The Bones Remember Everything” is now up at Tales to Terrify, along with Maria Alexander’s “A Conspiracy of One”.

Thanks to Harry Markov and Lawrence Santoro for making this possible and to Elise
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A Tales to Terrify Squee

Am very squeeful to report that the lovely Harry Markov is taking three of my stories for the Tales to Terrify podcast. Huzzah!

“Bluebeard”, “The Bones Remember Everything” and “Sourdough” will all be hearable for your listening pleasure.

It’s always so nice to hear someone reading out what you’ve written, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have “The
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