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The Dark Issue 66

I’ve got a reprint story up at The Dark in Issue 66!

“Our Lady of Wicker Bridge” originally appeared in Best British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills, Steve J. Shaw (ed.), Black Shuck Books, September 2017.

There were stories about Wicker Bridge Estate,
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Mentee Spotlight

At any one time, I have several mentees and I’m very proud of them all, but recently three of them have had some great stories published, so here’s a little spotlight. They’re all writing in different genres, so there’s a range to choose from. Enjoy!

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The Dark, May 2020

Or, as I like to think of it, The Creepy Clown issue!

The May 2020 issue of The Dark is out! With stories by myself, Clara Madrigano, Kristi deMeester and Ray Cluley.

“Sleeping in Metal and
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I forgot this!

Apparently I forgot all about this in May last year (clearly I was too busy aging): The Dark reprinted “The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners“!

It is one of my favourite gothic-y ghost-y tales, and one of my faves in general.
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Hammers on Bone: Cassandra Khaw

cassCassandra Khaw is a London-based writer with roots buried deep in Southeast Asia where there are sometimes more ghosts than people. Her work tends to revolve around intersectional cultures, mythological mash-ups, and bizarre urban architecture.

When not embroiled in fiction, she writes
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The Bitterwood Posts: By My Voice I Shall Be Known

Sketches by Kathleen Jennings for By My Voice I Shall Be Known

Sketches by Kathleen Jennings for By My Voice I Shall Be Known

In “By My Voice I Shall Be Known” I wanted to combine elements that contained echoes of stories about the
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Story Sale: Bearskin


From http://www.tehcute.com/full/bear-cubs-and-mom.htm

This morning I woke to find I’d sold “Bearskin” to Sean Wallace for the February 2015 issue of The Dark. This has a nice symmetry to it as I sold “By My Voice I Shall Be Know” to The Dark for
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The Dark – first issue, first review

TDMCoverWell, the first review of the first issue of The Dark, featuring stories by Nnedi Okorafor, Rachel Swirsky, Lisa Hannett and myself, is out.

A. J. Sikes has some lovely things to say, including this about “By My Voice I Shall Be Known”:

The world-building
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Story Sale

Aubrey Beardsley's Salome

Aubrey Beardsley’s Salome

Yesterday I sold a story to new online magazine, The Dark.

Editor Jack Fisher bought “By My Voice I Shall Be Known” (which is part of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings collection, but you can
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