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The Tangled Drive-by: Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch is a writer, editor, reviewer, critic, poet, teacher and photographer. He is a Clarion South survivor from 07. Clarions affect everyone differently – some get tattoos, dye their hair, leaves their partners, others give up writing altogether – Chris walked across Japan. He is writing a
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The Lakeside Drive-by: Christopher Green

I knew of Christopher Green via my write club buddy Peter M. Ball. Chris was a fellow Clarion South graduate (2007 iteration), but I didn’t read anything of his until ‘Lakeside’. We both had stories in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again and Chris’s story was the first one I
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A Drive-by from The Last Outpost: Z. S. Adani

Sophy Adani’s collection, The Last Outpost and Other Tales, will be published by Hadley Rille Books in 2011. Her short fiction has appeared in journals such as The Tangled Bank, Origins, Alternative Coordinates, Something Wicked, to name but a few. She has also edited Destination Futures with Eric T. Reynolds.
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