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Better Together – Collaboration as a Productivity Booster

Today, Dan Rabarts, a Most Excellent Writer, takes over the blog to talk about collaboration.

Better Together – Collaboration as a Productivity Booster

You’re a writer, you’re a creative. You wish you could produce more, but holy crap, there are only so many
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Over here, Pete talks about write club

HORNcover_600px-220x300My good mate and fellow write-clubber, Peter M. Ball is a much better blogger than I (as well as a self-described cantankerous house-cat).

Over here, he talks about our five years of write club, which has had a huge impact on both of
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Tonight …

… there is Write-Club.

Yes, welcome to the glamorous world of my Friday night, when Peter M Ball and I sit in a selected lounge room, laptops at the ready, more blocks of choclit than one can shake a stick at, and we …

Well, we write. That’s it. We catch up in the first hour and eat dinner, trade gossip, market
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Random Thoughts on a Day with a Headache

#1: if you’ve got a headache, no amount of positive thinking will make it go away.

#2: staring at a screen will most likely make said headache worse.

#3: ideas that may occur to you when you’re caught between a drugged sleep and a blinding headache will either be (a) crap or (b) really good, but completely beyond recall.

#4: you are grateful
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Peter M Ball talks Write-Club

Always interesting to get another perspective on Write-Club – http://www.petermball.com/2009/12/11/awesome-things-about-2009-615-write-club/

Howling into the Void


Yesterday, I lost words.

On Friday at Write-Club, I’d finished a 6000 word first draft of a story. I left it alone on Saturday to percolate. On Sunday I felt I’d give it a read over, maybe do some editing if the spirit moved me thus … which, happily, it did.

I started
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Write-Club: The System Works


Some people have asked “Do you really just sit around and write?” Well, yes, we do. And here it is documented below. Result of the evening: Pete = one novella finished; Angela = a 6000 word first draft, taking the collection up to
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Now, here's a thing

This evening, I head to Write-Club at Pete’s place http://www.petermball.com/ – the real place, not the virtual one.

I am charged with the bringing of the essential choclit items (aka brain food – the literary equivalent of Thing Rings, making writers more productive and more able to either defeat or perpetrate evil, as is one’s wont). Pete is cooking, which is
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First Rule of Write Club: Talk About Write Club

My talented friend and writing buddy, Peter Ball (author of the rapidly becoming notorious novella Horn) and I have been conducting Write Club for nigh on two months now. This started out as a result of me whinging about my writer’s block and Pete regaling me with the tale of how Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles) and Kelly Link (Magic for
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