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bbsgiveaway… over here I chat with the lovely Tarran for Collins Booksellers. A snippet:

What inspired you to start writing and what motivates you?

I always loved reading as a kid and after lights out I’d tell myself the stories that had been read to me over and over before I slept. I’d think about them and pull them apart  ? maybe I was actually a budding editor! ? and then tell them differently, especially if I hadn’t liked the ending. I’d always scribbled, but didn’t make the decision to give writing a proper bash until I was 37 ? I didn’t want to hit 40 and feel I’d never tried to live my dream. I’ve been working at it ten years now, and I still love it, despite the poverty. There are all these stories and characters living inside my head ? if I don’t write about them, they get grumpy.


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