The Ice Age

iceageOn top of the reading pile at the mo is Kirsten Reed’s The Ice Age. Intriguing story, great craft in the writing … I continue to read …

‘We stopped at a roadside diner. People asked if I was his daughter. They ask all the time. Hoping, accusing. We never say yes, and we never say no. We ate our food at a booth in a hungry, self-conscious rush, straight out of the wrappers. They didn’t have plates. We left a tip, just change. The waitress scooped it up straight away as we slid out of the booth. She was middle-aged and bulgy, in a proper matronly waitress’s dress. She shot us what I suppose was intended to be a look of gratitude. She really only managed a weak glare. I guess that’s the countryside for you. People are a little edgy.’

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