Vote! Vote for Lisa L Hannett!

For the Campbell. Lisa’s in her second year of eligibility for the John W Campbell Award for best new writer. She needs your vote. This is her self-effacing post. Ignore the humble-osity: she is awesome. She is one of the best writers you will ever have the chance to read. Her debut collection, Bluegrass Symphony (Ticonderoga Publications) will blow you away. And we need another Aussie on the list (okay, so strictly speaking, she’s a Canadian Aussie, but who doesn’t love a Canadian and want to keep one as a pet?).

Vote! Vote, I tells ye.

Oh, please won’t you vote?? Oh, and please, please, please boost the signal!

So, with bag over head, I want to point you to my Bibliography. This is my second year of eligibility for the Campbell: I sold my first professional story to Clarkesworld in July 2009 – and since then have had eleven stories published in places like Fantasy, Weird Tales, ChiZine, Steampunk Reloaded… Some of these stories are available online (follow the links in the Bibliography) but if there are ones you’re particularly keen on reading, please feel free to drop me a line on Facebook (Lisa L Hannett) and we’ll see what we can do about setting you up with reading copies.

If you’re already familiar with my work and, more to the point, like it; and if you attended Aussiecon4 last year in Melbourne or are about to attend Renovation this year, then imagine me (still with bag over head so as to hide the rising flush in my cheeks) standing with one finger pointed at myself and the other at the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer boxes on this form: And, hell: if you want to nominate any of the 2010 stories for ‘Best Short Story’ I won’t stop you.

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