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Ah, tomorrow I go on a writing retreat to lovely Bribie Island with The Edge Writers Group – this is my first time to be invited along to this gig and I am very much looking forward to it.

Not least because there is a cook who is not me, there is sleeping in, writing, Jamesons, a beach (although I am
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QWC Cocktail Party – Industry IQ Launch

Jodi De Vantier (QWC's Uber Editor of WQ); Hinemoana Baker (Arts Qld's Poet in Residence)

Jodi De Vantier (QWC's Uber Editor of WQ); Hinemoana Baker (Arts Qld's Poet in Residence)

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Blog Tour

Over the next couple of months, QWC is running a blog tour – asking Queensland authors about their writing, process, and their stance on the future of the book.

Lovely Katherine Battersby takes her turn and blogs over here at The Well Read Rabbit

Lisa Hannett's "The Good Window"

The lovely and talented Lisa Hannett’s story The Good Window is currently appearing at Fantasy Magazine … this was one of the products of our Clarion South sojourn and rightly deserves its place in the sun!

The tape measure recoiled into its pocket-sized case with a satisfying snap. Ned smiled, wiped flecks of nail polish from the tape’s metal tip, and
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A Public Service Announcement – Aurealis Awards

The lovely folks at the Aurealis Awards want everyone to remember that it’s almost closing time for Aurealis nominations for this year.

Below is a message from the Coordinator, Ron Serdiuk. Go to the website, check the guidelines and follow them to the letter (they are very fullsome guidelines and should answer all your questions – and if someone’s gone to the
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Last Drink Bird Head – Promote Literacy

A very good book for a very good cause: promoting literacy.

Team VanderMeer have put together this anthology for ProLiteracy. So, you get to help out (thus increasing your karma-credits) and you get a fantastic read – look at those writers, look at those names! Nothing wrong with any of this.

What Is Last Drink Bird Head?

That’s the catalyst editors Ann and
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Uber Squeeeee!

Robert Shearman’s new collection of short stories is almost here! Squeeeee!

If you read and loved Tiny Deaths (which you did, you know you did), then Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical will make you even happier. I had the good fortune to read an early draft of the collection and can highly recommend it. Tiny Deaths won a World
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The Ice Age

iceageOn top of the reading pile at the mo is Kirsten Reed’s The Ice Age. Intriguing story, great craft in the writing … I continue to read …

‘We stopped at a roadside diner. People asked if I was his daughter. They ask all the time. Hoping, accusing. We
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Just heard that I’ve sold a story to the lovely Tehani Wessely for her Spec Fic for Kids anthology. Huzzah! 🙂


A big shout-out to Jason Fischer, who’s just won first prize in the second quarter of the legendary Writers of the Future competition! Previous winners include the even more legendary Sean Williams and the high-impact and exceedingly talented Cat Sparks.

Let there be Snoopy Dancing!