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And even more wisdom …

This is one reason why I love my friends: they are wise.

We writers suffer together, even though some think writing is a solitary activity … and it is at the basic putting-words-on-page-and-hoping-some-stick level … but still, we suffer together … suffering solidarity. And sometimes a friend writes something that is so true and so real that it hits home, because they’ve
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VanderWisdom: Choosing Your Platforms and Protecting Your Private Booklife

There’s smart stuff; there’s talky bits; there’s wisdom.

The World SF News Blog – The Awesome Kaaron Warren talks at people and makes them answer questions

Very interesting round-table by Kaaron Warren – sample below and the rest lives here

Monday Original Content: A Round Table on Australian SF with Gillian Polack, Simon Brown, Yaritji Green and Tessa Kum.

By Kaaron Warren

Australians have a long history of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature. May Gibbs’ wrote Snugglepot and Cuddlepie in 1918.
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Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Quick follow-up to myearlier mention of Cashore’s novel, Graceling, which is an awesome debut. Characterisation is great, Katsa is a fantastic protagonist, Po is a wonderful leading man, and most of the characters are well-drawn. The setting is well thought out and the descriptions work very nicely. There is some repetition in the text
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Apocaylpse Postponed … ever so slightly

Here’s how we’ve been existing for the last few weeks: in an office that looks like the Apocalypse arrived, went to work and then remembered it had somewhere else to be. Here they are, the last glimpses of QWC’s old office in the Metro Arts building in Edwards St. Boxarama. As of 11th January, we’ll be over at the State
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Awesome Retro Classic

In which …

… the very funny, very writerly Lee McGowan says nice stuff

We’re all Fate’s monkeys.

This is why I rant about writers being informed

Know your business, know your rights.

Legal Battles Over E-Book Rights to Older Books

William Styron may have been one of the leading literary lions of recent decades, but his books are not selling much these days. Now his family has a plan to lure digital-age readers with e-book versions of titles like “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Confessions of Nat Turner” and Mr.
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No words necessary

I am Contemplating …

… the difference between a nerd and a geek … stand by.