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If You Live on Earth or Know Someone Who Does

Ah, Mitchell and Webb … one of my favourite skits …

Where’s Dr Who when you need him?

Would someone please …

… feed that kid who plays Merlin a burger?

Am I the only one who notices this?

It’s bothering me more than the dialogue and the crappy, repetitiveĀ plots …

Stroppy Author's Guide to Publishing

I gave a happy sigh when I saw this (via the Bibliophile Stalker). Useful, sensible, no-nonsense advice. šŸ™‚

How to read a publishing contract (5)

Good Karma: Indigenous Literacy Project

Forego a pair of shoes or two and contribute to the Indigenous Literacy Project – more readers can’t be a bad thing.

The Book Buzz project aims to raise literacy levels of young children living in remote communities by recognising the need for early experience and contact with books.

You can
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The Writer

What is expected of you when you ‘become’ a writer? Or rather, you’re published – you’ve received an advance, got copies of your book sitting on the shelf,Ā people are asking for your autograph, and dear old Aunt Enid has stopped muttering about you being a drain on society and isn’t itĀ time you got yourself a real job,
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Locus Awards

Yes, I’m behind (as always – why do you look so surprised?), but below’s the list of theĀ 2010Ā Locus Awards Finalists. Some great names there (very happy to see Mary Robinette Kowal there!), but what I’m really looking forward to is the showdown between Mieville’s The City & The City and VanderMeer’s Finch … I have it on good authority there
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Insert Earth-Shattering Kaboom Here

The Earth Gods be angry: Eyjafjallajokull kicking up a stink and a whole load of ash, courtesy of the Boston Globe – more here

Terrific Post from the Well-read Rabbit on Being Mean

From the clever Katherine Battersby

The Benefits of Being Mean

Being mean isnā€™t something Iā€™m naturally good at. I try to be a good person. Try to be thoughtful of others and unselfish. In my writing pursuits I expected this would always serve me well, but not so. It turns out that being mean is a core requirement of writing. Why? Because
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Madigan Mine – you want more?

Oh well, alright. Ze blurb is below:


When Alex meets Madigan again everything changes. His childhood sweetheart is beautiful and impulsive, but there is something wrong with her. Something dangerous.

Then she commits suicide.

Now Alex canā€™t get Madigan out of his head. Is it all in his mind, or is she communicating with him?

To save himself and those he loves,
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Make Space on Your Bookshelf

Yes, space on the bookshelf.

Shuffle that beloved, dog-eared copy of Jane Eyre aside … or indeed anything else … coz this is going to totally kickĀ the collectiveĀ asses of everything on the shelf … so make a little moat around it.

Kirstyn McDermott’s first book will be released into the wild in August of this year (from Picador). Madigan Mine is a
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