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Better get a lawyer, son*

My point? If you’re a writer with a contract – either a new, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed first-timer, or a gnarled, booze-raddled, jaded, curmudgeonly, old warhorse – you need to understand your contract.

Even if you have an agent, you need to understand your contract because
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Innsmouth Free Press

How’s this for an awesome ezine?

Editor (and my occasional ToC bud) Silvia Morena-Gracia has asked if I’d like to contribute to an issue of Innsmouth Free Press … the answer was obviously “Hell, yeah”. Time to pull my old copy of The Shadow over Innsmouth off the shelves and Cthulhu-up for some research and ideas creation.

PS: they haz
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Imaginary Writing Process

Revisiting this old fave … when I get crazy ‘writing is easy’ comments or questions, this is what happens in my head

Aurealis Awards are moving to …


Why, yes, I did resist the urge to do a Juan Antonio Samaranch on that.

After 15 years the Aurealis Awards, Australia’s premier awards for Speculative Fiction, finally make it to Sydney. Chimaera Publications, the publishers of Aurealis magazine and owner of the Aurealis Awards and book imprint, have reached agreement for SpecFaction NSW Inc to administer the Awards for 2010.

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FanGirl Moment

My pal Marshall Payne interviewed Nancy Kress at the Nebulas.

I heart Nancy Kress – she gives awesome writerly advice over here and she’s also responsible for one of my favourite books, The White Pipes.

“Act One,” your novella on the final ballot for the Nebula Award for 2010 , is a story of genetic engineering in the near future. What was
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Bear Sleeping Bag

More if:bookery

if:book, London – projects that rock.


At last an end to those bored bookgroup blues!

You love books but are interested if sceptical about what ebooks, iPhones and laptops might do for literature? Re-ignite your passion for reading this summer – make sure you get if:book’s FICTIONAL STIMULUS, an amazing experience in digital reading which will be
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Listening to …

Chris Meade of if:book, London (sister-cousin of if:book, Australia) talking about the future of the book. Very interesting comments about content -v- container. Two things that got caught in my magpie mind:

1. Literature isn’t made of paper.

2. The book is a souvenir that you keep for afterwards.

I Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish this was the case Would make an awesome change from those stupid Bratz and Barbies with which little girls are playing.

Stroppy Author on Contracts Again

Once again, highly useful info.

Learn how to read and understand your contract, otherwise you surrender your right to complain. Be a responsible writer.