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Drive-by: Karen Brooks

Yes! Next in my series of interviews with women called Karen: the multi-talented, multi-tasking Dr Karen Brooks.

Not only does she write, she is a social commentator and columnist. She happily and ably speaks in public when the rest of us want to toss our cookies with nerves. Oh, and she’s an academic,
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PhD Cat

Wish I were as smart as this cat. I’ve spent all day working my PhD notes into something approaching an exegesis that won’t make my supervisor either (i) snort with laughter, (ii) throw something at me, or (iii) inflict self-harm … the
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You can't go past CatBlogs!

Writer Peter M. Ball, author of the notorious Horn and my write-club collaborator, is house-sitting … and cat-sitting … cat-blogging in order to cope. It’s worth a re-post:

Part the first

The Cat: Feed Me!
Peter: There’s food in your bowl.
The Cat: FEED ME!
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As Promised

My colleagues are today working in their PJs in the office, raising funds for Lifeline’s Stress Down Day. And eating homemade scones, muffins, cheese platter, Iced Vovos, and Teddy Bear biscuits with pink icing and sprinkles. I, on the other hand, am at home on my weekly writing day, but in the spirit of being supportive, I am in my
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Bonus Drive-by: Laura Goodin

Laura Goodin is an American living in Australia, but it shouldn’t be held against her. She’s a Clarion South survivor from 2007 and has the tribal tattooing to prove it. She blogs over here and writes, writes, writes and has published in journals as varied as WetInk, ASIM, The Lifted
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ToC for Dead Sea Fruit

Squeal of excitement – the ToC for Kaaron Warren’s Dead Sea Fruit collection with Ticonderoga Publications has been announced:

Introduction by Lucius Shepard
Dead Sea Fruit
Woman Train
Down to the Silver Spirits
Fresh Young Widow
Buster and Corky
Cooling the Crows
Edge of a Thing
Guarding the Mound
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Some of the most beautiful words I've heard in a very long time

In the end, stories move like whirling dervishes, drawing circles beyond circles. They connect all humanity, regardless of identity politics. And that is the good news. And I would like to finish with an old Sufi poem. “Come, let us be friends for once; let us make life easy on us; let us be lovers and loved ones; the earth
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Food for Thought: Elif Shafak

Reviews over at Fantasy Magazine

Rich Horton reviews 4 Aussie spec-fic anthologies, including saying some nicely things about The February Dragon, LL Hannett’s and my sexy flying reptile story. Read the reviews here.

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Emily XYZ

I’ve been meaning to re-post this for a while, but my brain has failed me (again).

Awesome blog post from the Arts Queensland poet-in-residence, Emily XYZ:

Finally! the blog: The very hard work of doing (seemingly) nothing


Nothing renders one’s life quite so dull & empty as having to blog about it.  All of
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