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Committing more graffiti over at Ecstatic Days

Here, I re-rant about Author Platform.


Announcement from Ticonderoga Publications, which must surely be met with “Huzzah!” Oh and also “Cooooool title!”

Sara Douglass Collection Announced
Posted July 15, 2010 By punkrocker1991

Ticonderoga Publications is far more than totally chuffed to announce a forthcoming collection of stories by premiere Australian Fantasy writer Sara Douglass.

The substantial collection, scheduled for publication
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This makes me happy … I'm on a cart


Thank You!

To all the kind folk who donated to QWC’s participation in Lifeline’s Stress Down Day.

In any other situation, paying people to sit around in their PJs would be wrong.

(snurched from

Donate! Because you know you want to …

… QWC staff will be wearing their PJs to work on Stress Down Day to help raise funds for LifeLine.

Yes, that’s right, PJs.

You know you want to help out … even if it’s $5.00.

Go here to donate. Your karma will thank you.


Given my tendencies, I think this is the laptop sleeve for me. Thanks to Jodi for thinking of me.

Blogsitting at Ecstatic Days

I’m one of the folk blogsitting for Jeff VanderMeer over at Ecstatic Days.

General Rules for blogsitting:

1. Water the plants;

2. Don’t break the good china or crystal;

3. Don’t drink the cellar dry and replace all the wine with red cordial;

4. Don’t get eaten by the cats and never, ever trust what the monkey tells you.

Driving-By: Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tansy Rayner Roberts’ Power and Majesty has just burst forth onto the scene … a little like an alien birth but with more sequins and glitter … actually, come to think of
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Over the next few weeks …

… I’ll be guest blogging over at Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days. This will involve, much as this blog does, random thoughts and hopefully something useful and amusing. Unlike this blog, over there I have to deal with Evil Monkey and three cats.

Geek Syndicate shows excellent taste …

… by talking to Karen Miller as part of their Women in Genre Fiction series 🙂

I remember way back in 2007 when I picked up Innocent Mage here in the UK,  how blown away I was by your writing.  I haunted your website and became all chatty with you via my livejournal account.  You were always very gracious to all your readers
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