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The Legendary Drive-by: Jack Dann

Some say ‘legendary’ just isn’t strong enough a word. Some say the man’s a myth, because no one, but no one could be like Jack Dann. The man who gave us The Memory Cathedral, Promised Land, and The Rebel, is also an unrepentant editor of anthologies such as the World Fantasy award-winning
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That's about the state of the writer today

Drive-by from the Queen: Kim Wilkins

The prolific Dr Kim Wilkins was kind enough to be one of my drive-by victims. She sold her first novel, The Infernal, in 1997 and it promptly won an Aurealis Award. She’s been writing ever since and her tally includes Grimoire, Angel of Ruin, Giants of the Frost, Rosa and the
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Add to my Christmas list

Thank you, Postie

And so at the end of a day spent in bed with a stinking migraine, I found a parcel on the doorstep containing the following and it made things a lot better.

Drive-by: The Realm Shifting Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter is that rare creature, a horror writer with a touch of subtley :-). As a writer he knows it’s not enough to hack and slash at his protagonists and disposable secondary characters with a chainsaw. He understands that to truly scare someone you need to plumb the depths
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The Frustration of the Long-Distance Editor

I’m re-reading a story I edited once already for someone and agreed to look at the next incarnation.

There’s always a level of stuff that one writer refuses to change on aesthetic and stylistic grounds, and that’s fine. I appreciate that. The things that you shouldn’t be refusing to change are
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This is the launch invitation for Kaaron’s and my TP books. We know there are lots of panels on at the same time … but there will be Haigh’s choclit frogs at our launch … so come along.

On a more positive note …

… after my little spit about creepy people lacking in n’etiquette, here is something awesome.

Writer Alan Baxter reviews Sourdough & Other Stories over at his blog. I do believe this is the first review :-).

I consumed this thing whole and it consumed me.
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On Boundaries and the Internet

Having just had a fairly unpleasant experience, I feel moved to post a few guidelines for internet etiquette.


1. Just because you can’t see the person and they can’t see you, doesn’t mean manners go out the window.

2. Don’t say something to someone on the t’intertubes you wouldn’t say to their face.

3. Don’t friend someone on FB, etc, because you think them
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