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Drive-by: Amal El-Mohtar

Amal El-Mohtar is joint Queen of Goblin Fruit. She’s a poet, writer, and PhD student in Cornwall (a small envious voice in my head screams “Tintagel” every time I think of that, accurately or not). Her short fiction and poetry have been published in places are varied as
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And now life is complete:

The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales has arrived.

It has an Intro by legendary Jack Dann, a cover design by the extraordinarily talented Lisa Hannett and Kirstyn McDermott says nice things on the cover :-). Below, you see it resting on – why, yes, it is resting on an eighteenth century fainting couch. Let there
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Well, yes

Thank you, Very Demotivational.

WorldCon Schedule


The program is now up at AussieCon 4!

Make plans, take notes, plot strategically – learn where the bar is on the first day and stake a claim on your favourite chair.

My con obligations are below:

Fri 1100 Rm 203: (Book Launch) Dead Sea
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Every Dead Drive-by: John Connolly

I confess to a literary crush: I would walk miles over broken glass to get hold of the next John Connolly novel. The prose is pretty much pitch-perfect, the characters flawed, believeable, terrifying, engaging, witty and compelling. The dialogue – Connolly is one of the authors I look to for
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Yesterday also included a sybaritic book-buying binge. One of the books purchased is Dr Miéville’s Kraken. You want to know why he’s so damned good? His opening lines:

“The sea is full of saints. You know that? You know that: you’re a big boy.”

It’s an awesome opening: it invites the reader
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Sourdough-watch: No longer on Red Alert

My beautiful, beautiful books arrived this morning just as I was bolting out the door, borderlining lateness. So, I could not stop. All I could do was haul the blue Royal Mail baggie inside the door. And so, yes, I must apologise
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Ecstatic Linkery

Books of Present and Future: Angela Slatter’s Sourdough and Steampunk Reloaded
(Two very different titles, two related but autonomous approaches to excellence in book design.)

Can't Stop the Signal: John DeNardo

If you’re looking for information about stuff, you know you’re going to go to SF Signal. With JP Frantz, John DeNardo brings the world the SFy goodness that is SF Signal. Here he takes some time to take part in a
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Dear Diary,

Still no sign of Sourdough and Other Stories. I don’t know how much longer I can keep my tenuous grip on sanity.

Tomorrow, I shall begin approaching the neighbours to establish who stole my box of books. There may be peering in windows, crawling across roofs … somewhat like Mr Burns when he tried to steal his teddy bear
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