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A word from Alan Baxter

Over here, Alan Baxter contemplates the different ways of getting a reader in … grabbed by the throat or gently teased?

I’ve been thinking about the generally accepted premise that you need to grab readers in the first few lines of a story. I think for short fiction this is certainly true. You’re usually trying to get noticed in a slush
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Rising, Not Dreaming

*Snoopy dance* Innsmouth Free Press has accepted my story ‘Rising, Not Dreaming’ for their Feb 2011 issue. I’m very excited because (a) this story was commissioned, so it’s nice to know it was “okay”, and (b) it’s my first ever Cthulhu story.

Here is a snippet:
‘Play,’ they said and I did, plucking at a harp made of bone and
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Steampunk Reloaded

Now the site is back on its legs, I give you this.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: On Interrogating the Story

So, you write a first draft. Then you put it in the bottom drawer, let it cool its heels for a while, see. Make it nervous. The more time it spends alone, the more it starts to need some human interaction. The more time you leave it there, the more you
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Authors and Books: A Public Service Announcement

I’ve had a few of the same conversations in the past month and I generally, eventually, take that as a sign to ‘blog on the theme’. So, today’s theme is this one: authors usually don’t have boxes of books in their garage, waiting for you to come and ask them for a free copy*.

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Goodness that Shimmers!

Always happy to post about Shimmer!

The stories are wondrous and the art is glorious.

Issue 12:

We released our first issue in 2005. We’ve gotten stronger with each issue, and Issue 12 contains wonders and marvels, from Peter M. Ball‘s punk-not-emo teenage werewolf story, to Josh Storey‘s gorgeous take on
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The Truth About Donuts

Via Sean Williams, an exposé about donut hunting by Robyn Tatlow-Lord 🙂

Lives here.

Why I am awake this early? There is a damnable bird in a tree outside my window twittering -.-; it’s just gone 4.30am. Get a clock, Nature! *grumble*

Meanwhile, over at SF Signal: The Dream Anthology

The delightful John DeNardo at SF Signal asked a few people to pick and choose for their dream anthology, citing what you’d choose and why. The answers were so big, they had to split the post in two.

Mine is here, as is that of Nancy Kress (hallowed be her name), Violet
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A Drive-by from The Last Outpost: Z. S. Adani

Sophy Adani’s collection, The Last Outpost and Other Tales, will be published by Hadley Rille Books in 2011. Her short fiction has appeared in journals such as The Tangled Bank, Origins, Alternative Coordinates, Something Wicked, to name but a few. She has also edited Destination Futures with Eric T. Reynolds.
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Where is my parrott

This eve I am captaining the AWMonline writing race … my sole bitterness is that I have not been furnished with a pirate hat and a parrott. 🙁 *grumble*