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Year of the Novel – Trent Jamieson

El Trento aka The Nicest Man In Spec-Fic (he of Death Most Definite) is teaching a second YoN class at QWC. I’ve been one of his students in the first round and it’s been enormously helpful in getting my “stuff” together and structuring the novel and also for general learning of craft stuff. Highly recommended.

Go here to investigate further. It is
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A Balm for All Ills

I give you: The Lammington. Sponge cake soaked in choclit, then rolled in dessicated coconut. Sometimes split and filled with jam. Or cream.

Dan Simpson is running a competition

He’s giving away a copy of Sourdough and Other Stories, Marianne De Pierres’ Glitter Rose and The Arrival and Sketches from a Nameless Land by Shaun Tan. Go here!

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Loves me some funky design work

Link courtesy of my significant other to some wonderfully creative bookshelves.

The Chosen Girl – Happily Never After

This is a little something extracted from my Masters thesis, Black-Winged Angels: Theoretical Underpinnings (which is a collection of nine reloaded fairytales and an accompanying exegesis). It’s just lying around, so why not post it here? Complete with dodgy bibliography and endnotes.
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Diary of a Disappointed Book

A little bit funny, a little bit poignant, a whole lot truthful …

Diary of a Disappointed Book is here.

Innsmouth Free Press, anyone?

Innsmouth Free Press issue number 5 has been released into the wild!

This time, we offer you eight tales of horror and the bizarre, a number of them connected by the thread of dark gods. Sword-and-sorcery meets horror in “The Song of Tussagaroth”, while a deity of the forest haunts a
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Review of Sprawl

… over at Guy Salvidge’s place. Sprawl is the latest anthology from TPP and has some awesome stuff from the likes of Peter M. Ball, L.L. Hannett, Sean Williams, et al.

He says nice things about Brisneyland by Night:

“Brisneyland by Night” by Angela Slatter is an intriguing and complex tale about the Weyrd, and more specifically a kinderfresser or child eater.
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The Advicely Drive-by: Alex Adsett

Alex Adsett has sold books, worked for publishers such as Penguin and Jacaranda Wiley and now she runs her own publishing advice bureau. She is savy, smart and extremely helpful to have looking at your contract. If you can’t get a literary
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Oh it just amuses me …

… to look at this and contemplate the old days of broadsheets … and indeed of the hard copy New Yorker …