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Repost: Cory Doctorow on Zen and the Art of Self-Publishing

An interesting article from Cory Doctorow over at Publishers Weekly about the perils of self-publishing.

I write these words on a Friday having just recently finished and sent off my next YA novel, Pirate Cinema, to all the agents, editors, friends, first readers, and fact-checkers who’ve been awaiting it. I believe it is a good novel. In fact,
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In which I make a list and do a Snoopy Dance

Ellen Datlow listed both Sourdough and Other Stories and The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales on her Christmas List 🙂

You might consider buying one of two collections of stories by relative newcomer Angela Slatter: Sourdough (Tartarus) and The Girl with No Hands (and Other Tales) (Ticonderoga Publications). Many of Slatter’s stories are dark retellings of classic
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More delectable otters!

My lovely friend (and also a very talented writer) Suze Willis sent me these photos after her visit to Melbourne Zoo the other day. I give you Oscar and Omar!

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Speaks for itself, really

Conversation and the Nerd Crown

In the office this afternoon, I won the Nerd Crown.

Angela to Aimée, whose boyfriend has just made a super-geeky-nerdy comment about this clip: Your boyfriend is officially nerdier than mine.

Aimée: Really?

Angela: Yeah. Of course, Jodi’s has a Nostromo patch for his jacket, which means he out-nerds mine and yours.

Jodi: He also made a model of The Nostromo.

Aimée: What’s The Nostromo?

Angela *rolling
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The Graphic Drive-by: Liz Argall

Liz Argall is a freelance writer, Clarion survivor, life model, writer of a comic books and a musical, and the possessor of a Bronze Ledger Award for Small Press of the Year for her anthology Dreams of Tomorrow.
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Sold a story to Russell at Ticonderoga Publications for the Dead Red Heart anthology. It’s my first ever vampire story (may well be my last) and once again I’m ToC buddies with LL Hannett, whose “White and Red in the Black” will scare the crap out of you.

“Sun Falls” features Barry the Vampire King and not your average kind of
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The Right to Write

I recently had one of those experiences that actually made me think – which differentiates it from those rather more frequent experiences which make me want to bang my head against something solid until I pass out.

Someone called and wanted to talk about writing … it came out that she’d been thinking about writing for a very long time …
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Why kitteh will always win.

Loves The Oatmeal. Go here.

At last! An end to rampant donut theft.

At long last, donut thieves can no longer pilfer one’s hard-earned doughy treats.

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