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For those of you in Sydney with time on your hands …

… just over 8 minutes to be precise, why not go along to the screening of Sisters at the Night of Horror Film Festival?

The session is taking place at Metro Screen, Paddington Town Hall (Cnr Oxford Street and Oatley Road, Paddington), Wednesday, April 6, at 6:30pm. Sisters will be screening in competition for: “Audience Choice Award: Best Australian Short Film”.
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The Queen of Us All

Ursula Le Guin was interviewed by the Beeb back in January – I only just listened to it now. She is just freaking awesome and more than holds her own against a somewhat bombastic doorknob.

Listen here.

Best. Fashion. Label. Name. Ever.

Damn You Alexis!

The Knowledgeable Drive-by: Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker is one half of the fabulous Tartarus Press, which produces very beautiful books. She’s also an author in her own right and the author of the very lovely and subtly disturbing The Old Knowledge
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Aurealis Awards Shortlists are Out

Courtesy of the speedy good graces of Dr Tansy Rayner Roberts, the shortlists have been posted here.

I’m so happy to see so many talented friends on the lists! Includes (obviously) Lisa L Hannett, Kirstyn McDermott, Tansy RR, Trent Jamieson, Marianne De Pierres, Dirk Flinthart, Margo Lanagan,
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A snippet from Sun Falls (Plus!)

Coz in my head, Terry looks like Lena Headey

Here’s a bit of a snippet from my story Sun Falls, which appears in the upcoming anthology of vampire fiction from Ticonderoga Publications, Dead Red Heart.

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Some Goodly News …

… to go with the site redesign (Thank you, Significant Other).

Nice review of Dead Red Heart over at Publishers Weekly, including a shout-out to my Sun Falls. Wooot!

And also good things about the next Scary Kisses anthology!

T’is here.
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The Surreal Drive-by: Stephen J Clark

I always used to look at Tartarus Press covers and wonder idly about the lovely, creepy illustrations on the covers. Then I got the illustration for the cover of my very own Tartarus book andI learned where a
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Marketing a Book – Timing is Everything

I – well, when I say “I”, I mean me in concert with the Significant Other – have been working on a trailer for The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales.  When I say “working on”, I
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Pre-orders of Vampire Fiction from Oz

Dead Red Heart is ready for pre-order from here.

Lisa L Hannett! Felicity Dowker! Martin Livings! Alan Baxter! Jason Nahrung! Moi! And more, more, more!

ToC’ly goodness:

32 fantastic tales, 454 pages, over 130,000 words. All about vampires. This tome will
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