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Cat Vallente’s Confessions of a Fairy Tale Addict

Read it, for she is clever.

A long while ago, someone emailed me to tell me that, as much as they wanted to like my work, they just couldn’t read another goddamned fairy tale. It was too much, they
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The Gilgamesh Drive-by: Amanda Pillar

Amanda Pillar is one of those talented combo-folk: both writer and editor. Her short stories have been published in anthologies such at More Scary Kisses (‘Philomena and the Blond God’) and Dead Red Heart (‘Out of the Grave’). She is also Editor-in-Chief for Morrigan Books, which has produced Voices (2008), Grants Pass (2009), The Phantom Queen Awakes
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If you are a Michael Connelly fan and you are in Brisbane …

… then you should come along and watch the smartest woman I know having a chat with him. Dr Donna Hancox is indulging her not-so-secret love affair with the crime genre in a fairly public way. And it’s free.


Brisbane Wednesday
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Swancon – Part Deux (or Stop Nagging Me, McDermott)

Part Two

On Friday morning we finally made it to the con proper (as opposed to simply being located in the same city and a bit around the block from it), we schlepped to the Hyatt and registered. There’s always a lovely sensation when you walk into a con hotel and see faces you don’t usually see except for a few
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Perfect Gift for the Writer in Winter

Gaye Abandon on has the perfect gift for Winter writers … for more designs, go here.

Nature Stuff

We went for a drive to Springbrook on Saturday for a picnic and some bushwalking and the required reward for walks at Springbrook: fudge from the Fudge Shop.

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And then there was Swancon

Con Report – Part the First

Yes, at last I get around to writing my con report – past experience has shown that I tend to leave this for far too long and then end up writing something along the lines of ‘I went to [insert location here] and stuff happened and much of it was awesome’. This time I will
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Liff by Bob – It’s Not Quite Life

One of my oldest friends in the entire world is also one of the most talented cartoonists and artists I know. He’s started a comic strip, Liff, which lives here. He is also a very funny person and you should go an have a look at Robert O’Connor’s site. Go. Shoo!

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Mind Meld at SF Signal

The latest mind meld from SF Signal is about world-buidling and who you learned the greatest lessons from … when I say ‘you’ I mean Michael Moorcock, Patrick Rothfuss, Gail Carriger, N K Jemisin, Paolo Bacigalupi, Ekaterina Sedia
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Aurealis Awards – got your ticket yet?

Mmmm? Well, do you?

Go get one – details are here. Garth Nix is the ring master for the event and anyone who saw him host the Hugos in Melbourne last year at WorldCon will know that’s a sight to behold.

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