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The Graveyard Dalek

With great power comes great responsibility.

On Thursday, Peter M Ball and I reconvened for our first write-club in almost 6 weeks. During the initial hour – which is when we eat pancakes and bacon
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Again with the remiss

Where is my head at? Again with the missing of things.

Go to Read Horror and bathe in the dark glory that is Kirstyn McDermott.

What first attracted you to horror writing??

I’ve always been a voracious reader
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The Ghosts with Teeth Drive-by: Peter Crowther

Peter Crowther is one of those annoyingly multi-talented folk. He’s a journalist, short story writer, novelist, editor, publisher, anthologist, and he cannot decide between donuts and danishes – and why should he have to?

His short fiction
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It’s only a matter of time …

… before Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer will be trying to get into this guy’s parties … bring bribery cab sav and larcenous brioche … and those little circles of black bread with a schmeer of cream cheese and the world’s thinnest slice of smoke salmon on top with only an anorexic caper to keep it company.

Especially when
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How have I missed this?

I don’t know how I missed this, but consider myself dreadfully remiss. Brain (Lisa L Hannett) did a post on fairy tale girls, which is great. And here in all its clever glory.

A sample:

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The Naked Drive-by: Bella Vendramini

And now for something completely different. We leave the field of spec-fic for a day and peek into the world of actress and author, Bella Vendramini. Naked in Public is the follow-up to her
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This morning I sent a new story, “Winter Children”, to PS Publishing.

This evening the kindly gents purchased it for their Postscripts anthology.

*snoopy dancing*


Kapow! Thwack! Zok!

One of the things I am constantly at pains to get students and new writers to understand is the physics of your characters’ actions. That is: can they physically do what you’re telling the reader
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The Girl with No Hands and Kindling

Wait, that sounds wrong. And dangerous.

What I’m trying to say is that The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales (Aurealis Awarded for 2010 Best Collection) is now available as an ebook … or at least as one for the Kindle.

It can be purchased here for $4.99.

Thanks, publisher.

The Near Zennor Drive-by: Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand was kind enough to do a drive-by a few months back. Now she’s back to answer random horror-related questions. Her contribution to A Book of Horrors, Near Zennor, is one
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