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The Debut Drive-by: Jaime Lee Moyer

Jaime Lee Moyer lives in San Antonio with writer Marshall Payne, three cats, three guitars and a growing collection of books and music.

Her first novel, DELIA’S SHADOW, will be published by TOR Books in February 2013. Her novels are
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The Haunting of Hill House

As part of my post-PhD break (okay, it’s actually just a break in between one steaming pile of PhD draft and the next, but an essential part of my cognitive dissonance is telling myself it’s a post-PhD break), I’m reading the
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The August Australian Speculative Fiction Blog Carnival Has Taken Up Residence …

… at Nicole Murphy’s place.

It’s eaten all the cornchips, the chocolate biscuits, the popcorn and it’s about to start on the coffee.

See here.

For your listening pleasure …

This gorgeous image from dustjacket attic

Elizabeth Carroll’s very lovely, very disturbing “The Duke of Vertumn’s Fingerling” is now available for listenification at Podcastle. Go here and make your ears happy.

After I
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So, Torchwood is saving the World from Aliens – Who’s saving us from Torchwood?

Charlie's Angels still did it better

Contains spoilers: avert thine eyes.

And so, up until last week – i.e. up to and including episode five of Torchwood: Miracle Day, I was enjoying the series immensely.

It was tightly written,
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And lo, I did say unto my hair …

… t’is Friday and I am not leaving the house, so I shalt wash thee but I’m stuffed if I’m going to brush thee.

And lo, my hair did say unto me: I give thee Farrah Fawcett’s fringe, circa 1978. Don’t mess with me.

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Interview over at She Never Slept

The lovely folk over at She Never Slept have interviewed me … Marc Nocerino had some questions that made me think!

SNS Minion – Marc Nocerino:  Welcome to She Never Slept, Angela, and thank you for taking
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A Sensible Post

It’s so nice when someone listens to me! It happens so rarely! The lovely Sharon M Johnston has blogged about being my mentee – well, I was just going to be her manuscript editor, but as I’m trying to give her as much knowledge as I can it seems to have to turned into mentoring.

She talks about how it all
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The Problem Drive-by: Reggie Oliver

The very lovely and award-winning REGGIE OLIVER has been a professional playwright, actor, and theatre director since 1975. Besides plays, his publications include the authorised biography of Stella Gibbons, Out of the Woodshed, published by Bloomsbury in 1998,
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Blasphemia’s Closet Needs You

Just fabulous, go here!