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You know things are bad when …

… the advertising on the back of the bus for a book says ‘From the publisher of The Girl Who Played with Fire‘ … apparently the author is truly dead.

Go, Marketing Department! Apparently people are so dumb
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World Fantasy Award Winners!!

Congrats to all the World Fantasy Award winners! Special congrats to Alisa Krasnostein, Queen of Twelfth Planet Press! And thanks to the lovely Dr Tansy for posting this!


Winner: Who Fears Death, Nnedi Okorafor (DAW
Zoo City, Lauren
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Reminder: win a copy of Sourdough and Other Stories

To celebrate the World Fantasy Awards (and me finally submitting my PhD), I’m giving away a signed copy of Sourdough and Other Stories (which completely coincidentally is shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award for Best Collection).

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A bumblebee, accessorised

Well, it seems the PhDoom, aka the Michael Meyers Memorial PhD (it keeps coming back, no matter how many axes or knives you apply to its spine) is done.

My darling supervisors have been wonderful and very patient –
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Hewing Away the Rough Walls (Or, Five Ways to Put Your Story on a Diet)

Picture not related – just awesome

The ever-clever Lisa Hannett has blogged over at Shimmer on the above topic. She also mentions my favourite Michelangelo story (no, not the one involving the duck and the
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I love that …

… The Washington Post does a feature on the World Fantasy Awards 😀 .

Yvonne Zipp writes:

Say “World Fantasy Awards,” and the uninitiated may imagine fans dressed in homemade chain mail and fake pointy ears. In fact,
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An interesting spot …

… is here.

The Pan Review by author and reviewer Mark Andresen has some clever and informed reviews about a range of books old and new.

Go. Enjoy.

The Arkham Drive-by: Bob Weinberg

Bob Weinberg on the left, Harlan Ellison on the right.

Sometimes you don’t need to say much when introducing a drive-by victim This is one of those times: Bob Weinberg, writer, editor, collector, and the dad of
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I’m not a gamer, but …

… the Significant Other is and I must say this trailer that’s been made for Skyrim is pretty freaking awesome.

Sweet mother of crap

I am STILL – AGAIN – reworking PhD minor rewrites and I swear all I’m doing is polishing a turd.

I would throw myself on my eighteenth century fainting couch and howl, but Mr Hanky already got there.