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Bless you, Sir Walter Besant, you’ve made my morning.

‘The general—the Philistine—view of the Profession, is, first of all, thatit is not one which a scholar and a man of serious views should take up:the telling of stories is inconsistent with a well-balanced mind; to be ateller of stories disqualifies one from a hearing on important subjects.’

From The Art of Fiction. 😀

Apparently, I am the Last Dangerous Carrot

Over at the Battersblog, Lee Battersby asked me for my thoughts about the writer as artist.

I am the last in a long line of folk doing cameos on this topic over here.


The topic assigned by the boss
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Weird stuff happens when you’re asleep …

Or rather, The Weird Stuff.

The delightful and slightly (okay, very) Weird Jeff VanderMeer introduces me at the Weird Fiction Review.

Behind the scenes, Angela Slatter has been working as WFR’s managing editor by, among other efforts, answering queries, working with writers
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Writing processes

Over at Nicole Murphy’s place I talk about my processes.

T’is here.

The Lair

That is all for the moment.


The Evil Drs Brain

PS: Thanks to Kathleen Jennings for our lovely ‘portrait’!


The Yowie Drive-by: Thoraiya Dyer

Thoraiya (rhymes with Himalaya) Dyer is one of the Australian spec-fic scene’s up-and-comers. She is one of TPP’s Twelve Planets, the author of Edward Teach (TPP), a vet and an Aurealis Award winning author (“Yowie” from Sprawl). Her
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Writing’s New Horror: The Book Mum

I’ve discovered the next big thing in writing … alas, it’s not a fantastic new genre.

It’s the Book Mum – although fairly, it should probably be called the Book Parent, but so far I’ve only encountered
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I’m not a horror writer’s bootstrap

Yes, I know, strange saying, but it belong to my grandma Maisie and she was a font of strange sayings, many of which have been passed down to my mother, sister and I.

But back to my point –
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In the mail

Books and a bag!

Ian Irvine’s new one: Vengeance, Book One in the Tainted Realms series.

Richard Morgan’s The Cold Commands, Book Two in the Land Fit for Heroes series. Read more…

A Writer’s (bad) Habits

The lovely Nicole Murphy asked me about my writerly habits. I tried to answer honestly over here.