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Some wise words over at Tuesday Therapy

Lisa Hannett’s Tuesday Therapy blog today features Lee Battersby on the Nagging Call of Ambition.

Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to other writers.

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Western Weird

Over at Suvudu, Lisa Hannett performs a guest essay on the Weird West in Fiction, which is well worth a read.

Thinking of the American mid-West conjures up images of cowboys and desperadoes, dusty plains and wild mountain ranges, Stetsons and
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Snoopy Dancing news

Great news the other day: I finished (at last!) my first piece of fiction since I submitted my brain-shredding PhD. The idea occurred to me about 4 weeks post-PhD but then it took me about 7 weeks to finally get everything on paper and then edited and polished
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Considering Weird Ink

Over at the Weird Fiction Review, Lisa L. Hannett talks about Weird Ink, examining and apreciating Beardsley, Gorey and Niffenegger in all their weird glory.

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Tuesday Therapy on, err, Wednesday

Forgive me. In my defence I was somewhat distracted by sleepless haikus.

Lisa Hannett givesAdvice on the obsessiveFrom La K McD.

See what I did there? Sorry, tired again.

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Oh dear, post-midnight haikus

At Clarion South a few years ago, our weeks 1 & 2 tutor, Sean Williams, made us start our days by writing a haiku.

I thought I’d gotten over it after much therapy, but noooooooooooooooo.

After midnight last night, unable to
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The Fire and Thorns Drive-by: Rae Carson

Rae Carson dabbled in many things from teaching to corporate sales to architecture before becoming a full-time writer. The Girl of Fire and Thorns is her first novel. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with
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Music in the key of weird over at Weird Fiction Review

Alistair Rennie talks about 2000 Tombs and their musical experiments over here.

Music in the key of China Miéville, Rachel Swirsky and others.

Margo Lanagan …

… has cold feet.

So I am sending her these:


Russell B Farr of Ticonderoga Publications has added a limited edition copy of The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories to the auction for Terri Windling. There were only one hundred of these lovely hard covers printed and we’re
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