Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tales to Terrify!

Rackham’s Maid Maleen

My story “The Bones Remember Everything” is now up at Tales to Terrify, along with Maria Alexander’s “A Conspiracy of One”.

Thanks to Harry Markov and Lawrence Santoro for making this possible and to Elise
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An Invitation

Hello there.

I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here today. Well, it’s about a launch. The launch of our (Lisa L Hannett and moi) new book, Midnight and Moonshine, which is being published by the very
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Today was the last day of the Brisbane Writers Festival and also the day when the newest  edition of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace was launched.

I did the launching and it went well – by which I mean people laughed in
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As I work …

… I’m listening to this, which is Jason Nahrung and Kirstyn McDermott talking about gothic stuff, horror, writing, and reading with one’s ears.

Coincidentally, they’re two of my favourite gothic-flavoured writerly folks.


Thanks, Joy 94.9 FM.

Book as artefact

Behold: Amal El-Mohtar’s limited edition Honey Month.

Exquisite does not even begin to cover this.

Lovely work, Papaveria Press!

Galleys! Galleys!

So excited! Galleys for Midnight and Moonshine are here and ready for the final read-over.


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