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In the mail: Far Voyager

FV1Huzzah! In the mail at last, three years after I originally  FV2sold the story! Behold: PS Publishing’s latest Postscripts Anthology, Far Voyager.

An excellent ToC,
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The Bitterwood Posts: The Badger Bride


Kathleen’s Badgers

I love badgers – yes, I know all the arguments against them, the great list of their sins – but I love them all the same. I’ve also always loved transformation stories, but they’re generally run along the same lines: one
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Today: Corpselight

Sparrowhawk - by Kathleen Jenning, just coz.

Sparrowhawk – by Kathleen Jenning, just coz.

Today, I’m back on Corpselight, the second book in the Verity Fassbinder series. It’s good to be getting into this again!

by Angela Slatter

She took a longish time getting out
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In the Mail: Letters to Lovecraft

LtLMy shiny new contributor’s copies of Letters to Lovecraft have arrived! Thanks, Jesse Bullington and Stone Skin Press.

I get to share space with luminaries such as Gemma Files, Jeffrey Ford, Tim Lebbon, Molly Tanzer, Livia Llewellyn, Nick Mamatas, et al.

More more info,
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tor… and I’m exceedingly pleased to say that mine, Of Sorrow and Such, which returns to the world of Sourdough to check on one of my favourite characters, Patience Sykes, is one of them!

There are also works by KJ Parker, Seanan McGuire, Daniel Polansky,
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Next Project

Kathleen's bid for a post-it note book

Kathleen’s bid for a post-it note book

Kathleen Jennings is trying to convince me that our next project together should be done on post-its.

I have said ‘no’ for I am apparently a curmudgeon.

Nevertheless, we’ll be doing my
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The Female Factory: Baggage

FemaleFactory-coverBaggage is the second story in The Female Factory

How to explain that a really rather nasty story sprang from watching a really adorable documentary?

Angela loves badgers. Angela thinks they’re adorable. Angela might be slightly obsessed with them – to the point where
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The Bitterwood Posts: The Maiden in the Ice

handThe Maiden in the Ice

Her boots are stout, the winter ones, with tiny ridges of metal embedded in the soles to clutch at the slippery surface, and she moves quickly with the light cautious step of a fox approaching a henhouse. Her
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The Writer and the Critic: new casting of the pod

BB jacket frontThe lovely Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond have released their latest  htbbepisode of The Writer and the Critic. You can listen Read more…

She Walks in Shadows

Amazing cover art by Sara Diesel

Amazing cover art by Sara Diesel

I’m delighted to say that my story “Lavinia’s Wood” has been accepted for She Walks in Shadows, the first all-women Lovecraft anthology (yes, women do write Lovecraftian fiction, no matter what the
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