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The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Nicholas Royle

nickroyleThe delightful Nicholas Royle is a novelist, creative writing lecturer, reviewer, editor and publisher of Nightjar Press. Here he takes some time to chat about his story “The Larder”.

What inspired your story “The Larder”?
If I were to say precisely what inspired “The
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The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Thana Niveau

Kate-Fcon-2012-249x300Thana Niveau is a Halloween bride who lives in a crumbling gothic tower in Wicker Man country. She shares her life with fellow horror scribe John Llewellyn Probert, in a Victorian library filled with arcane
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The Sourdough Posts: Sister, Sister

sourdough-under-180x300“Sister, Sister” has its roots in my childhood: one of the books we had to read was an old collection of my mother’s, called Norwegian Folk Tales. I suspect it was an old book when Mum first got it as a kid, it was
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The Voice of Waters of Versailles: Kelly Robson

The lovely Kelly Robson takes some time out to talk about wine, water, and teetering on the edge of darkness.

1. So, what do new readers need to know about Kelly Robson?

Kelly photo

When driving, I always strive to give my passengers
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Get Your Fight Scenes Here: Top Five Tips for Tip Top Fights

alan-by-nicole-thumb-cropOne of the things I find most challenging in writing is fight scenes – not a huge number occur in my work, but just enough to cause me annoyance and frustration. Lucky for me I’ve got Alan Baxter, International Master of Kung
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Once upon a time …

By Michael Hutter

By Michael Hutter

… Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press sent me this gorgeous piece of art and said, ‘Don’t suppose you fancy writing a novella for me with this as the cover? It’s called “The Witch’s Scale”.’ Faster than
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Happy dance!

CJ0b6XaUwAA0IZKThis morning the lovely Irene Gallo posted this on Twitter – galleys for my novella Of Sorrow and Such!

The cover art is by the astonishing Anna and Elena Balbusso, who did the cover for Nicola Griffith’s Hild, among other
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Chatting with the Lovecraft eZine

zineheader-august2014This morning I had a lovely chat with the gents at the Lovecraft eZine. Thanks to Mike Davis, Matthew Carpenter, Rick Lai and Peter Rawlik, and especial thanks for being kind, chaps: I’d got my times mixed up and realised
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The Sourdough Posts: Sourdough

sourdoughpiecesThis was the story that started the Sourdough and Other Stories collection, but in a strange and wandering way. At the end of my MA, I was sending off queries letters to small publishers to see if I could interest anyone in
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In which the Dance of Happiness is Done

Lisa's photo

Lisa’s photo

So I woke to a text from my dearest Brain, Lisa L. Hannett, sent while she was exploring far-flung Lindisfarne on her Great Viking Adventure Time, saying “WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP, MY BRAIN, YOU’RE ON THE WFA SHORTLIST!”

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