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New Interview

Art by Kathleen Jennings

The lovely Dr Nin Harris interviewed me over at Mythopoetic!

Thanks for letting me come and play!

What’s the best way for an author to start her day, according to Angela Slatter?
Coffee! Or the beverage of choice. And of course,
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Locus Awards Finalists

I’m delighted to see that Vigil has made the list of finalists for the 2017 Locus Awards! Great to see so many friends with wonderful books there too!


The Reader, Traci Chee (Putnam)
Waypoint Kangaroo, Curtis Chen (Dunne)
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Shadows & Tall Trees 7: Steve Rasnic Tem

Steve Rasnic Tem’s last novel, Blood Kin (Solaris, 2014) won the Bram Stoker Award. His next novel, UBO (Solaris, Febuary 2017) is a dark science fictional tale about violence and its origins, featuring such historical viewpoint characters as Jack the Ripper, Stalin,
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Over at Patreon …

… the May reward is up for my Monkshood supporters. The newsletter will go out to all my lovely patrons in the next day or so. Meanwhile, here’s a snippet, Monkshooders.

Got a few spare shekels? Consider throwing them my way! My Patreon reward levels are here.

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White fox by Kathleen Jennings

Have I mentioned lately that I’ve got some ebooks over at Amazon?

Samplers so you can see what I do if you don’t want to commit to an anthology or a collection or a novel …

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Aurora Australis

For the latest Australian spec-fic news, head over to for Alexandra Pierce’s Aurora Australis column.

Awards! Films! Anthologies! Stuff!

Shadows & Tall Trees 7: Manish Melwani

Manish Melwani is a Singaporean writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror. He attended the Clarion Writers’ Workshop in 2014, and currently lives in New York City, where he’s completing a masters thesis in creative writing, history
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Review of Vigil

A lovely podcasty review of Vigil by Madeleine D’Este!

Merci mille fois, Madeleine – perfectly timed in the lead-up to Corpselight’s release.