A Public Service Announcement – Aurealis Awards

The lovely folks at the Aurealis Awards want everyone to remember that it’s almost closing time for Aurealis nominations for this year.

Below is a message from the Coordinator, Ron Serdiuk. Go to the website, check the guidelines and follow them to the letter (they are very fullsome guidelines and should answer all your questions – and if someone’s gone to the trouble of writing them, then the least you can do is go to the trouble of reading them and being informed).  Consider carefully which category your story might belong in (i.e. don’t go doing scattergun nominations in every single category in the wild hope you’ll win *something* – because, hell, you (or your publisher) have got to provide copies for each judge in every category you nominate in). Anyway, read the guidelines – you know how I feel about the importance of guidelines. Now, where was I? Oh yes, message below:

Hi everyone –

This is just a quick email to remind you that we have only just over a month to go before entries close in the Aurealis Awards 2009 process.

To be eligible for entry, works must have been written by an Australian citizen or permanent resident and first published in English between 1st November 2008 and 31st October 2009.

Go to our website for further information – www.aurealisawards.com

Or you can go straight to our online entry form – http://www.aurealisawards.com/form.php/aurealis/begin

While all works are given fair and equal consideration, it’s in your own best interests to enter – ASAP!

Our judges appreciate the time to give each work as thoughtful and considered a response as possible rather than being deluged at the last moment. And contrary to urban myth, entries received near our closing deadline will not be “fresher” in the minds of our judges and therefore, not be likely to place higher.

We encourage entries from as far and wide as possible – so please help us by spreading the word!


Ron Serdiuk
Aurealis Awards Coordinator 2009

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