After Fight Club …

… or, as I referred to it when e-chatting with Lisa earlier, ‘Club Chuck’. My tired mind Fight-Club-Chuck-Palahniuk-198x300picked up on the two important elements and mashed them together like bugs on a windscreen, with the predictable degree of comprehension.

My point? Lisa Hannett’s latest post is up over at the wonderful This is Horror, and it’s entitled After Fight Club, Part 1.

You should go here and read it. Yes, yes, you should.

Here’s a taste:

Imagine the last time you were really excited to see a new film. Maybe it was the genre, maybe the cast, maybe the general plot that caught your interest – whatever it was, there was just something about it. And when the movie trailer started playing in theatres and on TV, you watched it that first time and thought, “Yeah, this is for me.”

But then you realised the release date was weeks away. And all the networks kept showing that trailer – once, twice, ten times an hour. One of two things tended to happen from that point onward. Either your anticipation grew each time the commercial came on – the whole thing looked more and more awesome – or, in seeing the same parts repeatedly, you started to suspect that that was pretty much it, the whole shebang. All the good bits had been crammed into that thirty-second snippet, it seemed, and so your interest in the movie waned.

The latter is, unfortunately, how I feel now about most of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels. I read Fight Club over a decade ago, and was utterly wowed by it; but having just devoured it again along with several of Palahniuk’s subsequent books in quick succession – Survivor, Invisible Monsters, Choke, Lullaby, Diary and Haunted – I can’t help but feel like I’ve just watched a trailer for Fight Club: Redux, over and over and over again.

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