Alive …

1185470_10151660997382263_1477066860_n… barely. Suffering my worst cold in quite a while, lots of sneezing and coughing and generally being repugnant.

But in other news, Kathleen Jennings posted this, a silk shawl/scarf thing made from the design of the Midnight and Moonshine cover.

Also, I have been doing stuff at the Brisbane Writers Festival – a most innovative and energetic and downright awesome fest if ever there was one. I taught a masterclass with Rob Spillman, he of Tin House fame. I moderated a panel on Fantasy consisting (the panel, not the fantasy) of Garth Nix, Melina Marchetta and Kim Wilkins (FLUEVOG SHOES!!) – and yes, it was intimidating and yes, I was producing a lot of fear sweat a la Bart Simpson. And I also took part in a panel on fairy tales and fables, along with the delight-in-equal measure James Bradley and Kate Forsyth, and most ably moderated by the wonderful Dr Donna Hancox on her whirlwind visit back home. And I got to catch up with the lovely Sean Williams, which is good any way you look at it.

Photo by Penguin Australia

Photo by Penguin Australia

I’ve also been working on the novel again, with the aim of getting the last 10k written before the end of this month. And I’ve been working on the collection Lisa L. Hannett and I are doing for Twelfth Planet Press (first story is almost in the bag), as well as a zombie story, and sketching out ideas for a story involving carnivals and circuses, and a few other things. 

Tomorrow, I will begin posting the series of interviews I did with some of the other Fearie Tales authors – the new anthology from Jo Fletcher Books, edited by Stephen Jones, which we will launch at WFC in Brighton – and so there will be a bit more noise here.

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