And then this happened …

… some days you get an email like this one and it makes you so damned happy! Thanks, Kaja Holzheimer, I’m so proud of you!!

Hi Angela, This might seem a little out of the blue… I’m writing to THANK you for the time and effort and wisdom you put into the classes I took with you through QWC back in 2012. Why do this now? Because tomorrow I check in to the Odyssey 2018 Writing Workshop, here in Manchester, New Hampshire for 6 weeks of writing madness. And I recognise how much your support, your early and emphatic encouragement, and your slightly terrifying critiques helped to get me here. I still have so much to learn–about writing, about craft, about “persistence-despite”–and I think I’m finally ready to learn it. (Some of us are slower than others…) So. Thank-you for pointing me in the right direction and giving me a little push. I am so looking forward to this opportunity! Catch you later, Kaja

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