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NatCon! Or Why Did I Book Such an Early Flight??

Conjecture, aka the 48th Australian National SF Convention, will be occurring in Adelaide as of this Friday.  GoH is the award-winning, best-selling (two words it’s always nice to see together, just like ‘choclit’ and ‘cake’ … mmm, wait, do the hyphenated words count as four words?) Julie E. Czerneda. Getting there will involve me getting out of bed at 4am tomorrow in order to
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Have I mentioned …

… the frog cakes?

It’s a month only until I claim the 657 frog cakes in Adelaide that Jason Fischer has promised me.

There may also be some NatCon activity – a programme? Anyone? Oh, and Peter Ball’s novella Horn (Twelfth Planet Press) will be launched.

But mainly, there will be frog
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Book Launch at Conjecture – Horn

by Peter M Ball
Book Launch – Sunday June 7th, Conjecture, Adelaide

There’s a dead girl in a dumpster and a unicorn on the loose – and no-one knows how bad that combination can get better than Miriam Aster. What starts as a consulting job for city homicide quickly becomes a tangled knot of unexpected questions, and working out the link between
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