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The Arkham Drive-by: Bob Weinberg

Bob Weinberg on the left, Harlan Ellison on the right.

Sometimes you don’t need to say much when introducing a drive-by victim This is one of those times: Bob Weinberg, writer, editor, collector, and the dad of the legendary Arkham House.

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The Remaining Drive-by: Richard Morgan

Richard K. Morgan began as a science fiction writer and is now a science fiction writer who’s able to cross over to fantasy, have a few drinks there and then go back until he’s ready for more cross-border travel. He’s
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Queensland Writers Week Drive-by #5: Lee McGowan

Lee McGowan is a writer. Well, he wants to be a writer. Hey, at least he knows there’s a difference. He’s studying a PhD in Creative Writing at QUT, Brisbane, so he’s currently just practising. To fill his time, prevent him from turning over a few lazy hundred words a day and kick back, he does a spot
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Queensland Writers Week Drive-by #4: A A O’Callaghan

Amanda O’Callaghan was born in Brisbane and lived in the southern suburbs for the first two decades of her life. After living in England and Ireland for many years (and being an advertising executive in one incarnation), she returned to
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The Opposite Drive-by: Narrelle Harris

The Opposite of Life by Narrelle M. Harris had Charlaine Harris (that’s Sookie’s mum) breathless. A vampire novel that does something new and is set in Melbourne, the novel was a huge achievement for the author and Pulp
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Queensland Writers Week Drive-by #3: Christine Bongers

Christine Bongers has worked as a broadcast journalist on the ABC, and in commercial television and radio, in Brisbane and London. She has also written and directed two environmental television documentaries, and run her own media consultancy.

Christine’s first attempt at
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Queensland Writers Week Drive-by #2: Linda Brucesmith

Linda Brucesmith is a Brisbane-based writer and public relations consultant.

Her public relations business and clients have provided her with unique perspectives on tourism, hospitality, food, horticulture, medicine, mining, dance, academia, media and the internet. She has worked
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Queensland Writers Week Drive-by #1: Charlotte Nash-Stewart

Up and comer Charlotte Nash-Stewart is a new writer to look out for; her work is lyrical, disturbing and constantly challenging (in a good way). By day she is the Word Engineer, by night she’s the
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Win a hard cover copy of A Book of Horrors

Okay, so now that this beautiful, disturbing book has been launched at FantasyCon in Brighton last weekend, it’s time to run this competition. T’will run for a week from today.

The all important question is located here – to the right
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The Black & White Drive-by: Holly Black

Bestseller Holly Black writes contemporary fantasy novels for teens and children – but then, you know that.

She is the mum of the Spiderwick Chronicles (with award winning artist, Tony DiTerlizzi). Her first book came out in 2002, Tithe, followed by Valiant (2005) and
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