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The Call to Arms Drive-by: Stephen Jones and A Book of Horrors

Painting by Les Edwards

Stephen Jones = sine qua non for a successful horror anthology. A Book of Horrors collects original horror stories and is brought out under the aegis of the new imprint from Quercus, Jo
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The Good Science Fiction Drive-by: Gardner Dozois


Do I really need to introduce Gardner Dozois? The Gardner Dozois? Really? The multi Hugo and Nebula winning science fiction editor and author? The frequently partnering Jack Dann in crime of some sort Gardner Dozois?


All I will say is that he
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The Last Words Drive-by: Richard Christian Matheson

American writer Richard Christian Matheson is a master of horror fiction and screenplays, a drummer, an expert on the occult and a paranormal researcher. His short story collections include Scars and Other Distinguishing Marks and Dystopia.  His debut novel Created By was a
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The Ill at Ease Drive-by: Mark West

Mark West is a nice man (which seems to run in the British horror scene – interestingly enough). His titles include In The Rain With The Dead (from Pendragon Press), Strange Tales (Rainfall Books), Conjure (again with Rainfall Books) and
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The Roots and All Drive-by: Brian Hodge

Normally, I cobble together bios for my drive-by victims … but why would I try to write anything other than what the man himself has on his website when it starts with the words ‘Bootlegger’ and ‘International
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The Vend Drive-by: James Findlay

A graduate of the University of New South Wales Media Communications Degree, James Findlay has written and directed a variety of short films and documentaries over the years.  His horror short, ZZZZ, screened in festivals around Australia and
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The Ditch Drive-by: Lisa Tuttle

American-born, UK-based Lisa Tuttle is writer of science fiction, fantasy, and horror as well as an editor and reviewer. She was the 1974 winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, won the 1989 BSFA
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The Broken Drive-by: Stephen M. Irwin

Stephen M. Irwin is a Brisbane-based writer of speculative fiction and an award-winning director and screenwriter – Car Pool won Best Comedy at the 2007 St Kilda Film Festival and in 2008 Ascension won Best Short, Sci-Fi London. His first
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The Behind the Plastic Sheet Drive-by: Robert Shearman

Serious writer face

I’ve driven-by  Mr Shearman before and he survived. Obviously it wasn’t too terrible, because he lined up again when I nagged, errr, asked nicely. What can I say, other than he is one of my favourite
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The eMergent Drive-by: Jodi Cleghorn

Jodi Cleghorn won this year’s Kris Hembry Encouragement Award at the Aurealis Awards ceremony in May – yet another sign, if one was needed, that’s she’s becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Australian writing scene. She is
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