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An Invitation

Hello there.

I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here today. Well, it’s about a launch. The launch of our (Lisa L Hannett and moi) new book, Midnight and Moonshine, which is being published by the very
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As I work …

… I’m listening to this, which is Jason Nahrung and Kirstyn McDermott talking about gothic stuff, horror, writing, and reading with one’s ears.

Coincidentally, they’re two of my favourite gothic-flavoured writerly folks.


Thanks, Joy 94.9 FM.

Book as artefact

Behold: Amal El-Mohtar’s limited edition Honey Month.

Exquisite does not even begin to cover this.

Lovely work, Papaveria Press!

Galleys! Galleys!

So excited! Galleys for Midnight and Moonshine are here and ready for the final read-over.


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Midnight and Moonshine – the release!

And thus we threatened and thus it came to pass … or rather will do so in November this year. Yes, we have a cover for Midnight and Moonshine, we have stories, we have an Introduction
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And Jason Nahrung’s lovely and disturbingĀ Salvage has been launched!

Go here and get a copy.

Rough Music

As I work my way through the TBR pile, I’m finally getting to the rest of the Spectral Press chapbooks. The reading for the other night was Simon Kurt Unsworth’s wonderfully strange Rough Music.

There’s a great cadence to
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Another winner from Spectral Press

Simon Marshall-Jones has done it again with another of his chapbook series, Alison Littlewood’s The Eyes of Water.

A tale of old gods, modern men, and water-filled cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s a source of bedtime restlessness and dreams about
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Writerly advice

Yes! Coz that’s what you want first thing in the morning before the coffee has kicked in! Yes, I KNOW it’s almost 10am, but for me that is first thing in the morning on the weekends – the only sleep-in
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Grimm Goldfish

Happy to report that the two stories up at the lovely Goldfish Grimm are by two of my Clarion South 09 mates, Suzanne Willis and Aidan Doyle.

The Faerie Tailor” and “The Executioner’s Hat” provide
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