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Lisa & I with our Ditmars, mine is backwards because: Angela

Lisa & I with our Ditmars, mine is backwards because: Angela

Over Easter weekend we attended Contact2016 in Brisneyland and it was one of the cons Ive enjoyed most in my life as a writer. It was great fun to catch up with old friends, and make new ones, opine on panels, find places that made good coffee rather than the sludge from Satan’s bladder served by the hotel, and eat the extraordinarily good food at the same hotel’s restaurant (I just don’t know why the coffee was so bad when the everything else was sooooo good!).

And Lisa and I won our very first Ditmars – hers for Best Novel (Lament for the Afterlife) and mine for Best Novella (Of Sorrow and Such – which get some love here). There were the Aurealis Awards, too, and big congrats to all the winners (of AAs and Ditmars), especially to Sean Williams and Garth Nix. And I got to interview Rivers of London author Ben Aaronovitch, which was fun and highly amusing.

And a huge thanks to the Contact2016 Team who worked so hard, solved so many problems, selected such great GoHs, and generally made the weekend so awesome for all.

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