Continuum 8

So, yesterday I managed to stay awake long enough to participate in QWC’s So You Want to be a Writer seminar, ably chaired by Aimée Lindorff. The two more awake panellists were the delightful and delovely Chris Currie and Ben Law.

More empanelling for me coming up – Continuum 8 is happening in Melbourne this coming weekend. A great chance to catch up with good folk, like Lisa Hannett – yes, we will be doing some finishing of Midnight and Moonshine and recording a podcast with The Writer and the Critic’s Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond … I am given to understand there will be red wine and cupcakes.

My Continuum schedule is as follows:

  • The Big Bad – Fairytale Villains – Saturday 11:00 until Saturday 12:00 with: Peter M. Ball, Nalini Haynes, Margo Lanagan.
  • Take The Pebble From My Hand, Grasshopper – Saturday 09:00 until Saturday 10:00 with: Louise Cusack, Kimberley Gaal, Jane Routley, Kaaron Warren.
  • Tales As Old As Time – Friday 18:00 until Friday 19:00 with: Jenny Blackford, Lisa Hannett, Kirstyn McDermott, Jane Routley.
  • Readings – Saturday 16:00 until Saturday 17:00 with: Claire Corbett, Felicity Dowker, Lisa Hannett.

More details are here.

And just because, here’s an otter.

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