Dear Hotel

Dear Crowne Plaza Perth,

I have stayed many times in your sister hotel in Melbourne and, right up until a few hours ago, I was enjoying staying with you.

Imagine, if you will, my surprise to find my credit card – which I ensured was paid off before I left Brisneyland – was being declined this morning when I attempted to purchase some essentials.

Imagine again, my surprise to check my bank statement online to find that you had ‘charged’ a sum to my account, which was considerably MORE than the entire accommodation amount is supposed to be AND charged it well BEFORE I have even finished my stay with you.

Also, imagine my surprise when, speaking to someone at your front desk, to find that person not apologetic and somewhat perplexed that I was upset about not being able to access any funds on my credit card thanks to your charging this amount WITHOUT my knowledge.

Imagine, further, that I will not stay with you again and that I will write a blog post telling people what you have done. Oh, yes, I know you’ve reversed the charge NOW that I’ve complained, but y’know, I really should not have had to worry about this on my break. Thanks for the stress.

You bastards. 👿



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3 Responses to Dear Hotel

  1. Liz says:

    I HATE it when hotels do that. We had the same thing happen to us in Canberra, at a different brand of hotel. We’d already paid in advance, but then they charged us $400 at the beginning of the 4-day stay “just in case you charge anything to your room”. It took three weeks to refund it, too!

  2. Angela says:

    There was much angry. In any other situation, it would be called ‘stealing’.