The Morning Drive-by Most Definite: Trent Jamieson

Trent Jamieson is nice … a little too nice … don’t be fooled. Behind that innocent, mild, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth face, he’s really … actually, he’s really nice. And his Death Works trilogy, beginning with Death Most Definite, is coming out under the auspices of Orbit in August. He’s published a nose-bleedingly large number of short stories and has won two Aurealis Awards. His collection of short stories, Reserved for Travelling Shows, was published by Prime Books.

He has an unnaturally tidy workspace. Oh, and he has a book launch at Avid Reader in West End on this day, Friday 13th of August, 2010. You should go, really you should.

1. Wonder Woman -v- HellBoy: discuss.
Wonder Woman, obviously. Hellboy wouldn’t stand a chance, Wonder Woman would be all up in his grill with the lasso and that invisible plane of hers.

2. If I wasn’t a writer I would …
… wonder at the emptiness in my life – though I’d probably be more confident (and wealthier).

3. The idea for Death Most Definite came from …
… Work Choices (seriously), and how that might play out if your boss was Death. Oh, and maybe a bit too much to drink – the wine was red, the hour late, Tindersticks was playing, and thoughts went to dark places.

4. How much of the writing was driven by the (completely understandable) desire to use the word ‘psychopomp’?
67.3%. It’s such a cool word, whenever I hit a rough spot in the draft I’d say ‘psychopomp’ three times really quickly and the story would just start up again – you should try it.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Danishes. Always danishes.

 He blogeth here.

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