Editing, editing, editing


Exhibit A

I’m editing Vigil, I’m in the homestretch (well, in as much as any novel has a homestretch – when I finish with it it goes to my Alpha Reader, Lisa, then comes back to me to fix). On Wednesday, I started in an organised, dignified fashion (see Exhibit A) on the couch of editing. This continued through Thursday.


Exhibit B

By Friday I’d reached the point of writing obscenities on the ms to tell myself what an eejit I was (Exhibit B).

The last sixty pages were hard because they were the newest, the least worked over. That’s why crackers like what you can see to the right have occurred (Gods, I hope that’s why).

Today, is “put the edits into the soft copy day”. I’m armed with copious amounts of coffee, I’m watching one of my fave Adventure Time eps before I start (the Pagelings, the Mouldos, and The Battle of Teddybear Joke Book), I’ve even cleared a space on the desk so it’s not quite so much like a dragon’s hoard of crap. Soon I shall  take to the computer and fix EVERYTHING (well, that I can identify as awful and wrong). Soon after that I shall send a steaming pile of novel to my best friend so she can identify all that is awful and wrong and that I missed.

And sweet mother of crap, soon after that there will be a novel.

I hope.


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2 Responses to Editing, editing, editing

  1. Nicky says:

    Pagelings FTW! They will help you go into the breach.

  2. Angela says: