I’m Not Crying, YOU’RE Crying!

I just opened my birthday present from my Best Brain, Sister-Brain, Frequent Collaborator and Conspirator, Lisa L. Hannett.

Sure, it’s a month late, but Best Brains care not for such trivialities of time and space, for we are Immortal (or have detailed plans in train to be so). Also, because when your best friend says “I’m having something made for you!” you just fecking wait patiently. When said present arrived in a bulky parcel, I texted “It’s here” and we face-timed while I opened it. Everybody does that, right?

So, anyway, while Lisa hyperventilated in her car outside the gym in Adelaide, I tore that parcel limb from limb in Brisneyland. Then made a sound which, in retrospect, was probably something like a cow dying. Lisa’s face clearly flickered to “OMFG she’s hates it! She haaaaates it, Precioussssss!”

But no, dear reader, for I did love it. I did love it so much that I lost every skerrick of dignity I possess and made a noise like a cow dying. And what is this magnificent object? I’m glad you asked, but you have to do what I had to do and read the letter first.

Go on, I’ll wait. I’ll put the kettle on.

Right, done?

Excellent, you read very quickly, well done you.

It was this:




A handmade, leather-bound version of the book that weaves its way through Sourdough and Bitterwood. It is utterly exquisite.

There is even on the back the mark, the “M”:

‘A grimoire. A book of craft. And this one …’ He finally picks the thing up and rubs his fingers on the back cover, in the right-hand bottom corner, finding what I already know is there: the subtle relief of an embossment. M. He almost drops the book, so great is his surprise. ‘Belonged to him!’

There were tears. Happy tears. My heart is so full.

Addendum: Beautiful Book of Beautifulness was created by the wonderful Nate McCall @mccall_company.

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