Inappropriate author behaviour tips

Okay, as part of a series of public service announcements for authors in general I’m going to occasionally do some posts about inappropriate author behaviour.

While you may think some of these are ‘promotional opportunities’ for your own work (self-published authors with 3000 books in your garage, I am looking at you), trust me: they are not. They will (a) irritate other authors, (b) irritate publishers, (c) irritate booksellers, and (d) make readers think ‘Who the hell is this idiot?’


Inappropriate author behaviour #1: Posting about your book to someone else’s event page/website.

Inappropriate author behaviour #2: Trying to bully a bookseller into carrying your book.

Inappropriate author behaviour #3: Trying to pitch your book to a publisher/agent at the following events/places – funerals, weddings, emergency wards, someone else’s book launch, in public toilets (do not push your manuscript under a stall door – the last thing you want to hear is ‘Thanks, this is very absorbent.’), in the inflatables aisle of an Adult store (indeed ANY aisle there), or when the person you’re trying to pitch to is already involved in a conversation with someone else.

More inappropriate author behaviour tips as they come to hand.

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