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New KSP logoSo I’ll be the established writer-in-residence at KSP in Perth from 25 June – 10 July this year, and all the w-i-r folk do mentorships during their term:

KSP’s highly talented and experienced Writers-in-Residence offer one-on-one mentorships to a KSP-member whilst they are staying at the Centre. The goal is to provide you with personalised feedback and advice on your writing.

If you write in the genre of the visiting Writer-in-Residence and are available to attend the Centre, consider applying today. It is free to apply and the Writer will select the person he/she thinks they could help the most. The mentorship fee for successful applicants is just $50.

Upcoming Writers-in-Residence

MAY Lorna Hendry: travel, memoir, children’s non-fiction (APPLICATIONS CLOSING SOON!!)

JULY Angela Slatter: science fiction, fantasy

OCTOBER Chloe Higgins: literary fiction, short fiction

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