The Bluegrass Symphony has had a bottle of champers broken over it and is officially launched. Lovely intro by Russell B. Farr, truly glorious speech from the delightful Sean Williams, and a wondrous reading by the author herself, Miz Lisa L Hannett (and her awesome red boots). Great night had by all. Included the final pic to show that I *am* able to handle sharp objects without hurting myself (sometimes) and no one got a sushi roll with extra digit!! A more detailed and interesting post will appear by the author herself over at her home.

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3 Responses to Laaaauuuuunnnnccchhhheeedddd

  1. Ian Golledge says:

    Looking forward to my copy in the mail (Bluegrass Symphony, not Slatter-finger sushi, that is).

  2. Angela says:

    I do believe Russ is packing and sending his wee fingers to the bone!

  3. yup, a bunch went out yesterday, and just waiting on restocking the hardcovers and they’ll go out too.