Life in the Ziggurat …

… is cold.

It’s been several weeks since we moved into our new quarters over at SLQ (girt by Extreme Librarians). One of the things I like about the cultural precinct at South Brisbane is that it looks kind of like a whole cluster of ziggurats, which makes my nerdly heart happy.

We are surrounded by GOMA, the Queensland Art Gallery, the Queensland Museum and QPAC isn’t far away (just across the bridhey thingy). Every morning I walk past the Museum, in under the gigantic whales they have hanging from the ceiling … and there are whale noises. Does it sound like monumental farting? Yes, it does.

There are lots of stairs to climb for exercise, but that doesn’t mean we’re not celebrating the presence of a lift that works (although I have not taken it yet – something is making me miss the four flights of stairs I used to climb multiple times a day back at the old place).

But it is cold here.

The heels of our shoes do not go through the floor here and that is good. We have a kitchen with hot and cold running water, the most awesome and sexy dishwasher in the world, and more than enough room to swing several cats.

But it is cold here.

There are grassy spaces, cafes within falling distance, a lovely view of Brisneyland’s river of brown, and the Kurilpa Bridge, which makes me laugh every time I look at it.

But it is cold here.

And sometimes, just sometimes, I am tempted to burn something and toast marshmallows in order to warm up.

Just sometimes.

China Miéville

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